Computational Resources

CoDE users are also able to draw upon ASDL’s high-performance computational infrastructure for real-time physics-based collaborative design and strategic decision-making. This massive-parallel “Computational Resource” (CoRe) consists of three major subsystems:

  • A computational cluster with 256 processors
  • A 7 Terabyte storage subsystem
  • An Infiniband high-speed network

This collocation makes the CoDE/CoVE/CoRe complex the only facility where a conceptual design “war room” is located right next door to a review center equipped with a high-resolution megascreen, and supported by a massive-parallel computing cluster, resulting in a unique national asset. This combination provides design teams with the ultimate in efficiency and support for every step of the conceptual design process, from the generation of initial ideas to high-fidelity modeling and simulation to critical review of capability-based designs by decision-makers.