Design Facilities

ASDL counts with collocated state-of-the-art facilities to support the analysis and design of complex systems and decision making. These three assets leverage computational and visualization technologies to distill information from expert knowledge, transform and reprocess information and present it to the decision maker to enable holistic understanding of the comprehensive problem at hand.

The CoDE enables researchers to develop, test and apply new approaches to conceptual design by utilizing high-fidelity modeling, simulation and analysis tools in a collaborative, team-centered environment. It can also support student teams participating in select graduate-level design competitions.

CoRe users are also able to draw upon ASDL’s high-performance computational infrastructure for real-time, physics-based, collaborative design and strategic decision-making. This massive parallel "Computational Resource" (CoRe) consists of three major subsystems:

  • Computational cluster with 256 processors
  • 7 Terabyte storage subsystem
  • Infiniband high-speed network

The CoVE provides designers of complex systems with the capability to explore design spaces with hundreds of design parameters and incorporating multiple analyses. This collaborative environment allows the decision-makers to interact with the multiple domain experts and analysts, who may be located at different sites.