Dr. Dimitri Mavris, the director of ASDL, is supported by administrative and professional research staffs.

The research staff, composed of research engineers and post-doctoral fellows, are functionally organized under divisions and branches as well as grouped by sponsored projects. The functional hierarchy and project groupings are structured into an organizational matrix. Both the director and the research staff direct and mentor graduate students who also serve as graduate research assistants. Currently, the laboratory supports on the order of 200 doctorate, masters, and undergraduate students. ASDL focuses on systems and complex design; therefore, all disciplines (e.g., aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, stability and controls, flight mechanics) are represented through the research staff and student researchers and most importantly, they are all co-located in one facility. Due to the proximity of the disciplinary expertise, ASDL provides a unique environment for research and teaching in design engineering and analysis methods. Since design is inherently a multidisciplinary activity, it is essential for a successful program that students and faculty have the opportunity to work closely together in teams.

The Front Office supports all administrative tasks of ASDL, while the Office of the Chief Engineer provides guidance to the projects, ensures maximum synergy between the different divisions and branches, and holds the holistic view of the research efforts of the laboratory. The Academic Office maintains and develops the ASDL curricula, striving to maintain state-of-the-art materials and topics in the graduate and undergraduate classes taught by ASDL faculty.

ASDL has a facility and researchers at the Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL) campus located in Metz, France. Established to complement ongoing research at GTL, ASDL@GTL focuses on the areas of complex systems design and integration and system of systems exploration and assessment. ASDL@GTL was launched under the Unité Mixte Internationale (UMI 2958) framework, an international research partnership that was created in 2006 by Georgia Tech and France’s Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and located at GTL. This partnership allows ASDL@GTL to work on European projects such as those under the EU’s Clean Sky 2 program. ASDL@GTL is led by Dr. Dimitri Mavris, Regents Professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering and director of ASDL, and Dr. Turab Zaidi, a lecturer of aerospace engineering at GTL.

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