Propulsion and Energy

Mission Statement

  • Cultivates the next generation of propulsion engineers through an internationally recognized, multidisciplinary educational program and
  • Advances the state of the art in propulsion, power, and energy system design through innovative modeling and simulation methods




Dr.Jonathan Gladin

Division Chief

Mr.Russell Denney

Division Chief Engineer

Mr.Chris Perullo

Branch Chief of Power Generation Systems

Dr. Gokcin Cinar

Branch Chief of Subsystems and Aeropower

Mr. Andrew Yatsko

Branch Chief of Aerothermo-Mechanical

Dr. Bradford Robertson

Rocket Based Propulsion

Branch Functions

Open Rotor.png

Aerothermo-Mechanical Branch

  • SS Cycle Development
  • Aeromechanical Design
  • Component Design
  • Adv. Combustor & Emissions Prediction
  • Distributed Propulsion Concepts
  • Alternative Fuels Combustion

Power Generation Systems Branch

  • Ground power generation, transmission, & distribution
  • Power plant modeling
  • Power storage
  • Alternative energy generation
  • Smart grid modeling
  • Conduit to Electrical Computer Engineering domain experts
Rotor 2.png

Subsystem and Aero-power Branch

  • Engine subsystems: secondary/cooling flow, gears, bearings, shafts, etc.
  • Airborn power generation systems: fuel cells, generators, APUs, motors, etc.
  • Environmental Controls Systems: AC, pressurization
  • Thermal Management System

Controls and Operability Branch

  • Transient Cycle Development
  • Fault Diagnostics & Health Monitoring
  • P&E Controls Development
  • Status Matching
  • Inlet Distortion


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