Academic Faculty

Academic Faculty


Prof. Dimitri Mavris

Director, Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory

Regents Professor, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Prof. Mavris’ primary areas of research interest include advanced design methods, aircraft conceptual and preliminary design, air-breathing propulsion design, multi-disciplinary analysis, design and optimization, system of systems, and non-deterministic design theory. Since its foundation, Professor Mavris has grown ASDL to be a leader in the area of systems design, architecting, and optimization. Under his leadership, it has developed into the largest lab of its kind and has established a global reputation for excellence for both its rigorous educational program and impactful research activities.

Research Faculty

Research Faculty


Jimmy C.M. Tai

Associate Director, Aerospace System’s Design Laboratory

Chief, Advanced Configurations Division

Over the past 24 years at ASDL, Dr. Tai has been PI or Co-PI for over 50 projects, has managed a number of advanced concepts related projects, and made key technical contributions to these projects. Dr. Tai is a subject matter expert in the area of advanced configurations and air breathing propulsion system design.